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CNPS Flora magazine launched in 2017 as the newest addition to CNPS publications. Published quarterly, each issue includes inspiring interviews, conservation updates, native gardening advice, and beautiful photo essays. We hope you enjoy this membership benefit!

Vol 6 No 3

Winter 2024

In this issue:

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Recent issues

Spring 2023

In this issue: Connecting Kids to Nature, Concrete Habitat, Danger, Death, and Decay

Winter 2023

In this issue: Protect Juristac, Fire Gathering, and Good Thoughts, A Monumental Act

Summer 2022

In this issue: Planting Solace,  Hasta La Tierra (To the Earth), and Sticky Monkeyflower Power

Flora Archives

Volume 5

  • Spring 2022
    In this issue: In Baja California, Seeking Solutions for Sage Poaching; How White Sage Went From an Indigenous Ceremonial Practice to Pop Culture’s Spiritual Cleansing Prop; and Spirit of the Sage Needs Protection
  • Winter 2022
    In this issue: We Need Nature–and Each Other–More Than Ever, Tiny Plants Close Up, After the Fires, and Navigating Nurseries
  • Fall 2021
    In this issue: In this issue: Ancient Oaks, Carnivorous Plants, Fighting to Save a Forest, and Plants the Mammoths Ate

Volume 4

Volume 3

  • Summer 2020
    In this issue: The Right to Go Outside, Picturing Climate, CNPS Art Challenge Results, Sheltering in Place with Native Plants
  • Spring 2020
    In this issue: Natural Resources with Sec. Crowfoot, Restoring Fire to Sierra Habitats, Resilient Gardens, and Saving Walker Ridge
  • Winter 2020
    In this issue: An Unlikely Resurrection, Ferns, Bill Craven on Policy, and Notes from the Field
  • Fall 2019
    In this issue: Responsible Riding, Carbon Sequestration, Native Floral Arrangements, and Fun with Photosynthesis

Volume 2

  • Summer 2019
    In this issue: Summer in the Garden, Fire Recovery, An Antidote to the Attention Economy, and Victory at Union Mine High School
  • Spring 2019
    In this issue: A conversation with iNaturalist creator, California Plant Rescue, Insect-Friendly Gardens, and California Wildflowers guide.
  • Winter 2019
    In this issue: Native Brews, Living with Fire, The Law You Need to Know, Rare Plant Treasure Hunt
  • Fall 2018
    Taking a Stand, Ohlone Culture Revitalized, Mapping the Present for the Future, and Native Gardening for HOAs

Volume 1

  • Summer 2018
    Restoring the North Coast’s Rock Gardens, Reflections on Citizen Impact, The Race to Stop the Shot Hole Borer, and Botanical Day Trips
  • Spring 2018
    Read about Vernal pools, advice for year-round color, and conference photo, art, and botanic tattoo contest winners.
  • Winter 2018
    Featuring behavioral ecologist Doug Tallamy, the North Coast dunes, and the Re-Oak Wine Country effort.
  • Fall 2017
    Esri’s Jack Dangermond on an extraordinary world. Plus fall native plant recipes, Tejon Ranch, and Ford Ord restoration.

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