Community Science

From observation to understanding

Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum); Image: Adobe

Community Science is community-driven and community-led. From iNaturalist observations to bird counts, everyday people are partnering with scientists to better understand our world. That knowledge empowers us to take action on the issues that affect our lives.

Get Involved! CNPS Community Science for California Native Plants

Amy with camera
Credit Jose Esparza.

Find Fire Followers

Record what plants are rising from the ashes!

Golden Larkspur. Credit Vernon Smith.
Golden Larkspur. Credit Vernon Smith.

Join a Rare Plant Treasure Hunt

Maybe you’ll find a pot of gold(en larkspur).

Valley oak (Quercus lobata)
Valley oak (Quercus lobata) Photo: Kyle Nessen

Take part in CA OakWatch

Map where oaks are, especially young oaks!

Interested in getting a community science project started in your area? Contact Community Science Coordinator Jose Esparza.

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When you support community science, you support people from all walks of life engaging in the natural world around them.