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Protecting California’s native plants and places since 1965

Anacapa Island. Credit Todd Keeler-Wolf.

A leading voice in native
plant appreciation.

since 1965

Since its beginnings, the California Native Plant Society has been a leading voice in plant science and native plant appreciation, making it one of the foremost native plant organizations in the world. We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit dedicated to conserving California native plants and their natural habitats, while increasing the understanding, enjoyment, and horticultural use of native plants. We work closely with decision-makers, scientists, and local planners to advocate for well-informed and environmental friendly policies, regulations, and land management practices. See our Mission and Vision statement.

Our Mission

To conserve California native plants and their natural habitats, and increase understanding, appreciation, and horticultural use of native plants.

We envision a future in which

Californians actively support the Society’s mission, which is accomplished through education, plant science, advocacy, land stewardship and native plant gardening.

Californians value native plants, plant communities and healthy ecosystems as essential to the well being of all living things.

Californians can experience native plants throughout the state, in natural environments and human-made landscapes.

California’s extensive and interconnected natural habitats are preserved.

CNPS is the leader for providing reliable information on California native plants and plant conservation. Comprehensive information about California’s flora and vegetation communities is available throughout the state for conservation and educational purposes.

CNPS’s leadership influences personal ethics and actions, as well as public policy for native plant protection.

Sampling in Butte.
Sampling in Butte.

What We Do

There’s more than one way to lead a native plant revolution. See how we get the job done, from data mapping to gardens.

CNPS workshop. Credit Melissa Mooney.
Credit Melissa Mooney.

Get Involved!

CNPS has 35 chapters statewide. Find one near you to get involved in hikes, conservation, gardening, and more!

Jim Roof and Lester Rowntree at Tilden.
Jim Roof and Lester Rowntree at Tilden.

Our Roots

It all started more than 50 years ago with a group of East Bay visionaries who understood just how much we stood to lose.



We are volunteers, scientists, activists,
gardeners, and nature lovers. Get to
know us. Better yet, join us!


As a tax-exempt, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, CNPS is accountable to each of you — our members, volunteers, and generous donors. Thank you for trusting us to use your contributions wisely, respectfully, and effectively.


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