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Restoring nature, one garden at a time

Native garden in Sonoma; Image; Philip Van Soelen

Restoring nature, protecting pollinators, nurturing wildlife—these can all be done by you when you garden with native plants. California native plants are not only beautiful, they help save water, reduce maintenance and pesticide use, and invite beneficial pollinators. Whether your garden is in containers or a yard, you can experience the healing power of connecting with nature and help protect our state’s unique biodiversity.

Calscape Garden Planner

Calscape Garden Planner

Find the right native plants
and landscape designs for
your style and zipcode!
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Smith Horticultural Trust.
Life After Lawn Removal

Life After Lawn Removal

Explore these resources
from the Metropolitan
Water District and CNPS
on creating a successful
native plant garden.

Iris douglasiana. Credit Saxon Holt.

Gardening Topics

Cercis occidentalis and pipevine swallowtail. Credit Nancy Gilbert.
Western redbud (Cercis occidentalis) and pipevine swallowtail; Image: Nancy Gilbert

Getting Started

Native plants are perfectly suited to our climate, soil, and wildlife—learn more how to choose the right plants.

Credit Philip van Soelen.
Image: Philip van Soelen

Design Basics

Design inspiration to fit a variety of needs such as HOAs, dog-friendly gardens, containers, and more.

Deschampsia cespirosa (tufted hairgrass). Credit WUCOLS.
Tufted hairgrass (Deschampsia cespirosa); Image: WUCOLS

Bloom! California

We’ve selected 11 native plants that are perfect for anyone’s garden. You can find them at the Bloom! California nursery near you.

Credit Adobe.
Image: Adobe

Prepping and planting

Find out how to remove your lawn, determine your soil type, the best practices for mulching, and more!

Credit Robert Hall.
Image: Robert Hall

Digging deeper

Learn how to prune, keep pests in check, manage weeds, and keep your plants healthy and flourishing.

Image: Corinne Sera

Garden Ambassadors

See some amazing native plant gardens and learn from native plant gardening experts!



Meet your local chapter, find
a plant sale, attend a workshop,
or get outdoors with a guided
field trip!

CNPS San Diego Chapter plant sale; Image: Chris Hendrickson



Discover which plants grow
in your exact location, create
personal plant lists, and find
nearby nurseries.

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