Our Leaders

Guiding the way for CNPS

Credit Liv O’Keeffe.

Committed to the cause

CNPS board members come from diverse backgrounds in science, law, accounting, small business, and more. The common thread: a deep commitment to the viability of the CNPS mission. We thank each of them for their tremendous leadership and encourage others to consider getting involved.

A message from CNPS Board President Steve Hartman

“When you protect plants, you protect everything else.”

Board of Directors

Julie Clark De Blasio


Credit Liv O'Keeffe

Brett Hall


Steve Hartman

Board President

John Hunter

John Hunter

Board Secretary

Johanna Kwan

Chapter Council Representative

Gabi McLean

Board Treasurer

Cari Porter

Cari Porter


Dave Pryor

Chapter Council Representative

Cris Sarabia


Vince Scheidt


Bill Waycott

Board Vice President

Chapter Council

Judy Fenerty

Chapter Council Secretary

Marty Foltyn

Chapter Council Chair

Larry Levine

Chapter Council Vice Chair