Horticulture Science

Transforming the built environment

Native plant garden; Image: Elaine Salinger

Horticulture takes a variety of forms, from public parks and roadside plantings to front yards and balcony flowerpots. No matter what the effort, think “Right plant. Right place.”

That is the grounding principle of Horticulture Science at CNPS. In California, native plant gardening is on the rise, as drought and the state’s conservation ethos drive the transformation of both public and private landscapes. But there are risks: The wrong plants in the wrong places can threaten rare plant populations in the wild, introduce disease, and harm local ecosystems. CNPS is working alongside partners to ensure the best available science supports our healthiest built landscapes, literally from the ground up.

As we face the emerging crises of climate change and extinction, plant genetics can provide helpful clues into how species are able to respond to changes in the environment and how they might survive.
– Michael Vasey and Gordon Leppig, Artemisia

Genetics Symposium 2020

Genetics Symposium 2020

Take a deep dive into genetic
considerations for native planting
and restoration.

Oak (Quercus species); Image: Amina Sharma

<em>Artemisia</em> “Code for Survival”

Artemisia “Code for Survival”

Read the special Artemisia issue
on genetics.

Lindley’s Blazing Star (Mentzeli lindleyi); Image: William Lundgren

Best Practices for Horticulture Science

Horticulture Science works to limit the spread of phytophthora; Image: Suzanne Rooney Latham / CDFA
Horticulture Science works to limit the spread of phytophthora; Image: Suzanne Rooney Latham / CDFA

Phytophthoras Work Group

Learn about the group’s work in limiting the spread of phytophthoras.

flame sparks; Image: Adobe
flame sparks; Image: Adobe

Fire-Resistant Landscapes

Firescape your garden with with native plants.

Image: Kristen Wernick

Seed Cleaning

Find out about California native plant propagation.

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California poppies
circle photo: California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica); Image: Adobe. Background image: David Bryant.