About Chapter Council

The CNPS Chapter Council is comprised of 36 Delegates, each representing one of CNPS’s local and statewide chapters. Delegates establish policies and resolutions pertaining to native plants and native plant communities to further the CNPS’s Strategic Plan and guide its program work on behalf of their local chapter membership. Delegates elect the CNPS Board of Directors, its officers, and the officers of the Chapter Council.

Quarterly Meetings

Chapter Council meetings are usually held on or just after the first weekends of March, June, September, and December. These in-person meetings are hybrid via Zoom and hosted by CNPS chapters, usually alternating between the north, central and south regions of California. If meetings are not hybrid in-person, they are virtual via Zoom.

Chapter Council Delegates engage in conversations as part of decision-making processes pertaining to CNPS policies. They share successes and lessons learned about their chapter activities. Typical quarterly meeting activities include:

  • Friday afternoon CNPS Board of Directors meeting.
  • Friday evening no-host happy hour / dinner gathering.
  • Saturday CNPS Chapter Council session including:
    • Staff and committee reports.
    • Discussion of policy, problems, or opportunities as suggested by chapter Delegates, Chapter Council Officers, committee chairs, and CNPS staff.
    • Breakout sessions on topics such as member recruitment, chapter administration, conservation, and more.
    • Informal presentations “around the table” by motivated delegates about their chapters’ successes with old and new approaches plus chapter problems needing solutions.
    • Informational presentations by knowledgeable speakers.
  • A Saturday evening happy hour, banquet, and program speaker.
  • Sunday field trips to local botanical hot-spots.

All CNPS members and their guests are welcome to attend the Chapter Council quarterly meetings!