Students are the Future

UCSC student learn CNDDB protocol at a recent CNPS workshop, free to students. Photo credit: Elizabeth Kubey

Supporting the next generation

What better way to invest in the future of California’s native plants than our students and emerging professionals. From scholarships and research opportunities to valuable professional mentorship, CNPS and its 35 chapters believe deeply in sharing what we have today, for tomorrow. Please read on to explore current opportunities and consider making a donation in support of students.

CNPS College Outreach

If you would like to be involved in college outreach, email Alyssa at

Student and educational resources

Student grant recipient Justin Luong in the field. Photo courtesy of Justin.

CNPS educational grants

CNPS awards seven education funds a year to students and researchers studying California’s native flora.

CNPS student grant awardee Margot.
Santa Clara Valley Chapter student grant recipient Margot Valerie Buchbinder in the field. Photo courtesy of Margot

CNPS chapter scholarships

If you’re a California student interested in native plants, chances are there’s a CNPS chapter nearby ready to help.

Students at the 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference.
Students at the 2018 CNPS Conservation Conference.

Networking and botanical info

Helpful links and resources for students exploring careers in ecology, botany, other related fields.

Your support helps fund CNPS student internships, workshops, student attendance at CNPS events, and other student efforts.

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