Naturehood Gardening Webinars

Wildflowers. Credit Ann Dalkey.

Webinars to get you growing with California native plants

When you garden with native plants, you cultivate a beauty unique to California, provide invaluable habitat, conserve precious resources and restore connections to the environment around you. With native plants, you have the power to make a difference in your garden, yard, balcony, patio, windowsill and beyond. Ready to get growing?

CNPS’s native gardening webinars offer community conversations and technical talks on growing California native plants. We offer two types of webinars:

Photo: Kris Ethington

Native Gardening Chats

These friendly panel discussions
share diverse voices and topics
in the world of native plant gardening.

Dry Gardens

Thursday, July 7

Which plants and practices work best to ensure you have a garden that can be harmony with California’s summer dry climate? Find out in our July native gardening chat.


Photo: Ashini Fernando

Native Gardening 101

These webinars provide seasonal
guidance and technical insights
for native gardening

Firescaping 101

Thursday, August 4

The presentation covers our experience and protocols with natives in fire-resistant landscapes, as well as the results of a 4-year research study with Dr. Jon Keeley, USGS, for the US Navy.