Naturehood Gardening Webinars

Wildflowers. Credit Ann Dalkey.

Webinars to get you growing with California native plants

When you garden with native plants, you cultivate a beauty unique to California, provide invaluable habitat, conserve precious resources and restore connections to the environment around you. With native plants, you have the power to make a difference in your garden, yard, balcony, patio, windowsill and beyond. Ready to get growing?

Join our free monthly webinars for deep dives into topics like watering native plants, best pruning practices, choosing aromatic plants for the garden, and much more! Webinars are hosted by CNPS and feature expert gardeners. 

Photo: Kris Ethington

Native Gardening Chats

These friendly panel discussions
share diverse voices and topics
in the world of native plant gardening.

Native Plants & Art

Thursday, July 6

The beauty of California’s native plants inspires artists–meet some of them this month in “Native Plants & Art!” Together with artists in a variety of media, we’ll explore the unique relationship between native plants and artistic expression. Discover how California’s flora has influenced art and learn more about how you too can draw inspiration from their beauty and resilience!


Photo: Ashini Fernando

Native Gardening 101

These webinars provide seasonal
guidance and technical insights
for native gardening

Gardening With Good Bugs

Thursday, June 1

While pests are common in any garden, native plants generally have fewer pests if planted and cared for appropriately. Encouraging beneficial insects is one of the best ways to effectively reduce the number of pests in your garden. Learn about the most important beneficials, how to attract them, and why having certain plants near those you want to protect from pests can have a big impact with Suzanne Bontempo.