Native Design Basics

Design fundamentals

Credit Kathy Kramer.

Nature's way

The best California native landscapes are designed with nature in mind. Designing for rain water capture, choosing locally native species, and planting the right plant in the right place are the fundamentals in many of these stunning landscapes. Knowing your native design basics makes it possible to enjoy the numerous benefits that California native landscapes have to offer.

Design with nature in mind to create a sustainable landscape that thrives year after year!

Three P’s of native plant gardening

Start with these native design fundamentals to help you create a beautiful and sustainable California native landscape!

1. Plan for Rain
2. Plant Local
3. Plant for Success

Three P's

Popular topics

Credit Doreen Jones.
Credit Doreen Jones.

Watershed approach

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Bumblebee on manzanita. Credit Stephen Rosenthal.
Bumblebee on manzanita. Credit Stephen Rosenthal.

Habitat gardening

Creating a home for local birds, insects, and other fun creatures.

Credit Veronica Bowers.
Credit Veronica Bowers.

Landscape ideas & advice

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