California Native Seed Strategy

The California superbloom depends on a robust seedbed; Image: Jeff Bisbee

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The California Native Seed Strategy aims to get the right seed, in the right place, at the right time. 

Modeled after the national and Nevada seed strategies, CNPS prepared the California Native Seed Strategy as a roadmap to increase the availability of native seed for habitat restoration in California. The strategy applies to seed collected, grown, and applied as part of habitat restoration, at various scales, and addresses emergency responses such as post-wildfire or flood seeding. 

The California Native Seed Strategy is made up of four goals:

  1. Identify the state’s seed needs
  2. Identify research needs to define “genetically appropriate seed”
  3. Develop decision making tools for seed users
  4. Communicate the strategy across the state

See the strategies

California Seed Strategy

California Seed Strategy

California's state-specific version of the National Native Seed Strategy
National Seed Strategy

National Seed Strategy

Designed to guide interagency collaboration on the development, availability, and use of seed for restoration

Seed collections photos left and right. On left, Stacy Anderson collects California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) seed from a sea of invasive grasses in a protected area; Image: Katie Heineman

Watch the Society of Ecological Restoration’s nine-part video series about the native seed supply chain in the western United States.

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