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The California Native Plant Society is a diverse mix of scientists, gardeners, students, conservationists, and horticulture experts. Together, we’re each doing our part to save and celebrate California’s incredible native plant heritage.

CNPS Board of Directors 2017.
CNPS Board of Directors 2017.


Meet our volunteer board and chapter representatives.

CNPS staff
CNPS staff


See the CNPS team working from our Sacramento headquarters, Los Angeles, and in the field.

Credit Liv O'Keeffe.
Credit Liv O’Keeffe.

CNPS Fellows

See the incredible experts and mentors who’ve made CNPS what it is today.

Long Beach resident, Blanca Diaz, is changing her community’s connection to plants and the natural world. Through her organization Flora y Tierra and an inspiring Instagram presence, she’ invigorating a movement between Southern California indigenous cultures and the plants that make it home.

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Blanca Diaz



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