California Native Plant
Landscaper Certification Program – Northern California

Grow your business with California native plants

Across California, native plant gardens are blooming everywhere, creating growing demand for landscapers with native plant expertise. The California Native Plant Landscaper Certification Program (CNPLC) is designed with these opportunities in mind. Created and taught by California native plant experts, this program is designed to provide job training for existing and aspiring landscape professionals.

The class is held in English and in Spanish. Classes are listed when they are open for registration and removed once they are full. This round of classes is supported by the Saratoga Horticultural Research Endowment and are free to participants.

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Gardens of the future

According to a survey by the American Landscapers Association, native plants are expected to be the #1 landscaping trend in coming years.

Program Benefits

Thousands of Californians across the state are looking for landscape professionals with native plant expertise. As a certified California Native Plant Landscaper, you’ll have the skills and confidence to meet growing consumer demand.

Specialized knowledge

Native plants are different than traditional landscaping plants. Learn about:

  • Native plant identification
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Garden evaluation
  • Weed and pest management
A practical, inclusive approach

We’ve created a streamlined program to accommodate your schedule and needs:

  • Flexible evening and weekend hours
  • Online and hands-on training
  • Classes in English and Spanish
Good for business

Set yourself apart with the California’s first certification for native plant landscaping:

  • Expand your client base
  • Gain in-demand skills
  • Build professional credibility
  • Be forward-thinking

To inquire about a class for your organization or to apply to be a teacher for the CNPLC in Northern California, please email Ann-Marie Benz at For all CNPLC classes and information in Southern California, please connect with our partners at Theodore Payne Foundation.

The California Native Plant Landscaper Certificate Program!

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