CNPS Staff

Saving and celebrating California’s native plants

CNPS staff IDing plants at Abbotts Lagoon. Photo: Elizabeth Kubey

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There’s nothing more gratifying than working for a cause we value. Thanks to supporters like you, we’re able to do our part to make a difference for California’s native plants and habitat. Reach out. We’d love to hear from you!

Aaron Sims

Rare Plant Program Director

Adam Hoeft

Assistant Field Botanist

Alexis LaFever-Jackson

Assistant Vegetation Ecologist

Álvaro Palacios Casanova

East Bay and Northern California Conservation Advocate

Alyssa Huante

Plant Science Education Coordinator

Amina Sharma

Communications Manager

Amy Patten

Rare Plant Treasure Hunt Manager

Andre Clemente

Accounting and HR Manager

Andrea Williams

Director of Biodiversity Initiatives

Angela Pai

Rare Seed Collection and Accessioning Lead

Ann-Marie Benz

Horticulture Outreach Manager

Barbara Lezon

Senior Membership Coordinator

Brock Wimberley

Senior Operations Director

Caroline Martorano

Restoration Senior Coordinator

Christine Pieper

Development Director

Connor Griffith

Operations Coordinator

David Bryant

Education Director

David Magney

Program Manager, Special Projects

Doug Stone

Associate Rare Plant Botanist

Elizabeth Kubey

Digital Communications & Engagement Specialist

Ellen Dean

Associate Rare Plant Botanist

Evelyn Kenney

People Operations Coordinator

Gavin Arblaster

Information Technology Administrator

Isabella Langone

Conservation Program Manager

Jennifer Aguilar

Education Program Coordinator

Jennifer Buck-Diaz

Vegetation Ecologist

Jessica Woodard

Calscape Product Manager

Jose Esparza

Community Science Coordinator

Julie Evens

Vegetation Program Director

Kaitlyn Green

Rare Plant Data Coordinator

Kate Cooper

Digital Giving Coordinator

Kelsey Guest

Lead Field Vegetation Ecologist

Kendall King

Important Plant Areas Program Coordinator

Kendra Sikes

Vegetation Ecologist

Krystle Ramos

Publications Program Coordinator

Lindsay Dula

Foundation and Grants Coordinator

Liv O’Keeffe

Senior Director, Public Affairs

Maya Argaman

Horticulture Outreach Coordinator

Nguyen “Savannah” Vu

Assistant Vegetation Ecologist

Nick Jensen

Conservation Program Director

Sam Young

IPA Program Manager

Shelly Benson

Associate Vegetation Ecologist

Tom Reyes

Associate Vegetation Ecologist

Vince Scheidt

Executive Director

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Working for CNPS

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