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How eco-literate are the children in your life? As adults, each of us can play an important role in connecting today’s kids with the natural world, building a sense of awe, respect for our finite resources, and early environmental stewardship. But in the end, getting outside and learning about nature is just plain fun! See our collection of ideas and resources to get your classroom or family inspired.

Nature Journaling Curriculum

In a set of nested games and activities, the CNPS Nature Journaling Curriculum guides students through the creation of their own field guides, creating treasure maps, poems, and stories along the way. According to the curriculum creator John Muir Laws, the process develops the most important science process skills: observation and documentation.

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Ideas and resources

Photo by Walee Sitachitt

Native plant solo walk

Learn how to enhance a child’s sense of wonder using our downloadable cards and a simple 2-minute walk.

Marielle observing coreopsis (Leptosyne sp.) Photo: Ramiel Flores

Easy botanical activities

From scavenger hunts to rainy-day tabletop activities, these games are sure to delight the young botanists in your life!

Credit Dennis Mudd.
Credit Dennis Mudd.

Botanical word puzzles

Created by CNPS fellow Betsey Landis, these puzzles come with fun facts on topics from chaparral to butterflies!

Poppies. Credit Liv O'Keeffe
Poppies. Credit Liv O’Keeffe
Elderberry Farms Garden. Credit Jim Wadsworth.
Elderberry Farms Garden. Credit Jim Wadsworth.

School Gardens

Considerations and tips for starting a native plant garden at your school. Here’s how to set yourself up for success!

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