Introducing “Wildflowers of California”: A Comprehensive Field Guide

March 27, 2024, Sacramento – From lupines to poppies and everything in between, California is home to more plant species than any other state. From the California Native Plant Society, one of the foremost native plant organizations in the world, comes Wildflowers of California, which showcases nearly one thousand of the Golden State’s most commonly encountered wildflowers.

This comprehensive field guide is perfect for anyone looking to learn about the diverse wildflowers that can be found throughout the state. Organized by flower color and family, illustrated with over two thousand photographs, and including a range map for each described flower, Wildflowers of California is as user-friendly as it is informative. Including native and non-native annuals, perennials, and shrubs, Wildflowers of California has it covered. Additional information on wildflower conservation helps make sure these flowers can be enjoyed by all for years to come.

As botanist and author Sandra Namoff, PhD., says, the book is “something beautiful that anyone can use, from hikers and naturalists to beginning wildflower lovers,” making it the must-have companion to exploring the many beautiful landscapes of California.

Wildflowers of California
By the California Native Plant Society
Timber Press
On Sale: May 14, 2024
Price: $29.99
Pages: 608

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