New advancements of the Online Inventory, 8th Edition

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The most common requests from users are now fulfilled in this exciting new version of the Online Rare Plant Inventory.

Three major enhancements:

  • Blooming periods and habitats appear on Plant List
  • Export to Excel includes ALL Inventory data
  • Search for any number of quads instead of just one or nine


Major enhancements explained

Blooming Periods and Habitats
Blooming periods now appear on Plant List page by default. Habitats can be added by selecting “Modify Columns” and adding the field in Column Display.

Export to Excel
The Export to Excel function used to only include a little more data than what appeared by default on the Plant List page. Now it includes all data in the CNPS Inventory, including blooming periods, habitats, quads, counties, element occurrence rankings, notes and more!

Multiple Quads
Since its inception, the Inventory 8th Ed. would only allow for single or nine quad searches to be performed in advanced search. Now it allows for these options in addition to any number of quads to be searched. This can still be done either by entering quad names or numbers, or by selecting quads from a map.

Other changes:

Full Data Search now includes autofill (very similar to how it works on Typing two letters will bring up suggested results of both scientific and common names, as well as full plant families to search.

Rank changes
Rank changes now included within notes section. If a plant changed in rank, the change will now appear along with the date the change occurred.

Bug fixes
Two-letter state abbreviations with “!” are now fully spelled out; fixed spelling errors and erroneous or outdated terms.

Contact Aaron E. Sims,, for more information on the new changes and other questions about the CNPS Inventory.