Seasonal interest in the garden-January (2 of 3)

Continuing my look at plants that are blooming or providing other seasonal interest in the southern California garden in January, next up is Ribes, the gooseberries or currants.

Ribes species are varied and great for the shade garden.  Ribes malvaceum, R. sanguineum, R. aureum are among the currants, which have no thorns.  They have wonderful flowers in white, pink or yellow in early spring and generally are summer dormant.  Ribes indecorum, the White-flowering currant, is the earliest to bloom in Southern California.

The main feature of Ribes viburnifolium, or Catalina Perfume, is the glossy evergreen leaves that thrive in shade, but in January we get the added bonus of intriguing burgundy-colored flowers.

The thorny Ribes are called “Gooseberries” in common parlance, and you will not have a plant in your garden that is more attractive to hummingbirds than the Fuchsia-flowering gooseberry, Ribes speciosum, pictured below.

More information about Ribes in this article:  Currants and Gooseberries Native to California and this one and this one and….. oh, you can google the rest for yourself!

Is there a Ribes brightening your garden this month?

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