Lupines of California

Text by Teresa Sholars
Photography by Stuart Wilson


A new book by CNPS Press.

It has been said of the genus Lupinus that the only thing that most people can agree upon is the genus Lupinus. The boundaries between species are another matter entirely. While lupines are beautiful, they are notoriously difficult to identify. To help you identify species in the field, the California Native Plant Society Press now announces the release of the first field guide to the genus.

This will be the most current interpretation of the species and varieties that grow in California today. An up-to-date key to Lupinus also makes this reference extremely handy for the field.

– Teresa Sholars

The field guide to Lupines of California contains pictures of each species and their varieties, a brief description of each taxon, the common name, habitat, and most important diagnostic feature. Identification with the guide will now be easier!

The guide covers only the lupines that grow wild in California. There are 70 species and 43 varieties recognized in California, for a total of 113 taxonomic groups, or “taxa.”  Geographic locations will also be included using the Jepson acronyms, individual maps, and line drawings from The Jepson Manual.

The Author

The field guide to Lupines of California is based on The Jepson Manual and eFlora—the recently published lupine treatment in Flora of North America, along with the author’s 38 years of in-the-field experience with the genus. Teresa Sholars has a Master of Science in Ecology and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Planning and Management, both from UC Davis. She completed four years in the PhD program in Systematic Botany at UC Berkely, and is Professor Emeritus of Biology at College of the Redwoods. Sholars currently serves as Adjunct Professor and Herbarium Curator for Mendocino College Coast Campus, and as instructor in the Jepson Herbarium workshop series at UC Berkeley.

The Photographer

Stuart Wilson received his photographic training at Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara. He has traveled extensively to photograph rain forest flora and fauna as well as throughout the American West. His photographs have been widely published in books, magazines, calendars, as well as being displayed in museum exhibits. His photographs are marketed through stock agencies in the US and Europe.

Lupines of California The field guide's front cover.

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