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Juniperus grandis alpine. Credit J. Bisbee.

Enjoy in-depth articles and scientific perspectives from today’s leading, native plant experts. Beautiful, thematic issues from byrophytes to chaparral. Fremontia is published twice a year and is free to CNPS members.

Current Issue: Urban Wildlands

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Recent Issues

Fremontia Volume 45 Number 1 and 2 cover
Fremontia Volume 45 Number 3 cover

Vol 45, #3

An in depth look at the botanical history and current status of the Islands of the Californias. Issue is also available in Spanish.

Fremontia Volume 45 Number 1 and 2 cover
Fremontia Volume 45 Number 1 and 2 cover

Vol. 45,  #1 & 2

Enjoy this issue’s deep dive into lichens and bryophytes. Plus bigcone Douglas-fir and Tejon Ranch revisited.

Fremontia Volume 44 Number 3 cover
Fremontia Volume 44 Number 3 cover.

Vol. 44, #3

A gorgeous special issue on California geophytes with noted author M. Kat Anderson as guest editor.

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