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Cone of the yellow cedar. Credit Michael Kauffmann.

CNPS is proud to be a conservation organization grounded in science. For six decades, CNPS has led the study and understanding of California’s native plants. From field guidelines and vegetation reports to the foundational Rare Plant Inventory and ranking system, CNPS serves as a daily resource for government agency staff, academics, and students. Today, CNPS and its partners are expanding that knowledge base with exciting new projects in big data mapping, locally rare species, and citizen science. Please consider supporting our efforts today!


Saving What Matters Most

CNPS is leading an ambitious effort to create California’s first conservation index for plants. Region by region we’re pulling together the experts and data needed to protect vital species and places for generations to come. See what’s happening near you!


Plant Science Programs and Resources

Astragalus pycnostachyus lanosissimus. Credit David Magney.
Astragalus pycnostachyus lanosissimus. Credit David Magney.

Rare Plants

Learn about our current work in rare plant review, ranking, and rescue that’s engaging citizen scientists and PhDs alike.

Mather vernal pool. Credit Greg Suba.
Mather vernal pool. Credit Greg Suba.

Vegetation Program

See how we’re working to understand and save entire habitats surrounding our most sensitive species.

Vegetation workshop
Vegetation workshop

In the Field

Access best practice forms and resources for your work.

Inventory of Rare Plants

Inventory of Rare Plants

California’s ranked inventory
of rare and endangered plants.

Astragalus pycnostachyus lanosissimus. Credit David Magney.

Manual of California Vegetation

Manual of California Vegetation

Classification and descriptions
of California’s plant communities.

Abies magnifica in Siskiyou forest. Credit John Sawyer.

The Importance of Floristics

Knowing what plants are present.

Local Flora

Rare Plant Treasure Hunts

Sign up for an upcoming treasure hunt near you!

RP Treasure Hunts

Rare Plant Status Review Forum

Sign up to be a participating member of the review forum.

Status Review Info

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