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This week’s important decision puts the brakes on a risky luxury development but fails to protect rare and endangered species.
Join conservation photographers Rob Badger and Nita Winter for the book’s launch party on Sunday, Jan. 26 at Seager Gray Gallery in Mill Valley from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
On November 5, let’s pack the Riverside County Board of Supervisors’ chambers and ask them to vote NO on Paradise Valley. Let this be a celebration of desert habitats and good decisions.
A conversation with Emily Burns on the battle to protect our states largest trees, redwoods.
The worldwide coverage of California’s super bloom shows us just how much we have to celebrate here in California.
Just as we take a breather from the recent Centennial development decision, another leapfrog mega-development is threatening precious Southern California habitat – this time at the southern border of Joshua Tree National Park.
CNPS Conservation Program intern and Stanford University student Fiona O'Keeffe shares her observations on forestry, fire, and collaboration.
Once again, developers want to construct 2,135 homes for more than 5,000 people on critically important wildlife habitat in Southern California.
Tejon Ranch is one of California’s most important places for native plants. Now, 30,000 acres of this incredible region is under threat.
The DRECP, which was finalized after an 8-year process, has been re-opened. 6 million protected acres of habitat may be at-risk.

Priority Initiatives
Making a difference in California.
Tejon Ranch. Credit Nick Jensen.

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