Do you have a specific item that a CNPS program needs?

Due to limited funding, CNPS sometimes has to budget carefully to ensure that we remain effective and efficient. This often means that we are in need of items that could be of use to program staff or volunteers, but we don’t have the ability to purchase them or, in the case of out of print reference guides, may no longer be available.

Rare Plant Treasure Hunt (RPTH)

  • Jepson Manual, Second Edition (1-2 for volunteers)

Vegetation Program

  • High-clearance 4×4 auto, van, or SUV for vegetation surveying and mapping. We rent AWD vehicles at least 12 weeks per year at around $4-500 per week, but these are designed for highway use and do not have the clearance needed in order to reach some critical survey areas. (1)
  • Midland 36-mile Waterproof 50 Channel 2-Way radios (2)
  • Rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries (8)
  • Toughbook rugged field computers (3)

Rare Plant Program

  • A Vegetation Survey of the Butterfly Botanical Area, California. Knight, W. & I. and J.T. Howell 1970. Univ. of San Francisco.

And don’t forget – volunteering is always needed! RPTH volunteers are needed for our important work mapping California’s most vulnerable species across California, and the Rare Plant Program needs a volunteer to help digitize all of G. Ledyard Stebbins’s original rare plant inventory note cards at the CNPS State Office in Sacramento. Not in the Sacramento area? Check your local chapter for more opportunities to volunteer in your region.