Re-Oak California

Help CNPS restore our native oak trees.

Oaks in Winter Mist. Photo: Ger Erickson

In October 2017, more than 30,000 acres of oak habitat burned in the devastating North Bay fires. In the weeks after the fires, our community came together in an ambitious effort to Re-Oak Wine Country. Thousands of neighbors joined in to collect acorns. Now, thanks to the support of Californians across the state, Re-Oak Wine Country has grown into a statewide effort!

Introducing Re-Oak California

Since 2017, we have coordinated with communities across the state to gather, sort, and distribute local acorns and seedlings to get new oaks planted from nearby trees. Whoever you are, young or old, you can make a difference!

We are currently in the process of re-vamping our Re-Oak project and will not be collecting acorns this 2020 season. However, you can still involved for our future projects and complete this year’s form by clicking “Get Involved”.

Why restore oaks?

Re-Oak California is an ambitious effort, but one that can potentially have tremendous benefits for all who live in California today and tomorrow. Not every acorn will survive, but those that do survive and grow will do wonderful things: provide homes to wildlife, feed pollinators, clean and recharge groundwater, and provide a playground for kids and cool shade for hikers. A 25,000 pound mature oak represents 50,000 pounds of carbon dioxide that has been pulled out of the atmosphere and turned into a thing of beauty. We hope you will join us in this experiment, as we see whether thousands of Californians can bring back something wild and wonderful, both outside our homes as well as inside our hearts.

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