CNPS Fire Recovery Guide

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An oak sapling emerges from charred ground. Credit Saxon Holt.

What should you do with your land after a wildfire?

The CNPS Fire Recovery Guide addresses that question in an easy-to-use booklet.  The new statewide guide is a collaborative effort between CNPS, dozens of partner organizations, and scientists across the state. Sections include:

  • Frequently asked questions about wildfire in California
  • A post-fire checklist for property owners
  • A decision-flow diagram for post-fire conditions
  • Erosion control recommendations
  • Tips for tree care and landscaping after fire
  • Defensible space updates, and
  • An overview of California’s most fire-prone habitats

The “new normal” of intense fire seasons requires us to be informed and aware of how fires start, how they spread, and what to do to care for our land and the biodiversity we steward.  This guide will help anyone who wants to make their property and their communities safer and more resilient.

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Natural recovery in spring 2013 after the 2012 North Fire along Cow Mountain in Mendocino County Photo: Kerry Heise

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The land healing on its own with resprouting shrubs and germinating wildflowers. Photo: Reny Parker

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Nature recovering after the 2015 Valley Fire along Butts Canyon. Photo: Reny Parker


CNPS is seeking funds to distribute the Guide to fire-affected communities.

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