Making a legacy gift to CNPS

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Making a legacy gift to CNPS through your estate guarantees that your values will be perpetuated for the good of California’s living landscapes, most vulnerable species, and our unique and special natural resources.

You can name CNPS in your will or trust. CNPS has sample bequest language available to help facilitate this surprisingly easy process.

A bequest allows you to make a significant and meaningful gift today, while preserving your assets during your lifetime. It is revocable, so you can change the provisions of your will or trust at any time.

Types of Bequests

  • Specific bequests – You describe exactly what you want to leave to a family member or charity. If you want to leave a specific amount, or specific percentage of your estate, this is the type of bequest to use.
  • Residuary bequest – This is a gift of all the “rest, residue, and remainder” of your estate after all other bequests, debts, and taxes have been paid.
  • Contingency bequest – This type of bequest allows you to leave a portion of your estate to a particular charity if your named beneficiary predeceases you.

Please note that this is general information and is not presented as specific legal or tax advice. Please consult with your tax advisor or attorney on what options are right for you.

Hummingbird and Sage Photo: Tony Tubbs
Hummingbird and Sage Photo: Tony Tubbs

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