Dare to End Extinction

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Photo: David Magney

What could we do if we really tried?

The facts show that we’ve had a lot of success in preventing extinction and saving species, says CNPS Executive Director Dan Gluesenkamp in this inspiring TEDx talk. Learn about the practices CNPS is employing to protect our native species today to preserve biodiversity for tomorrow.

With more than 6,500 native species — more than any other state in the nation — California’s native plants are our inheritance and our legacy. Watch the video below to learn more!

As a scientist who values facts and data, I can tell you that extinction is not inevitable. As a spirit who dreams, I can see a world in which we stop driving other species extinct and maybe we even slow extinction a bit further.”
– Dan Gluesenkamp, CNPS Executive Director

Executive Director, Dan Gluesenkamp, presents at TEDX in Los Gatos

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Dare to End Extinction

CNPS Executive Director Dan Gluesenkamp at TEDx