Native plants evolved with our local climate, soil types, and animals.  This long process brings us several gardening advantages.

Save Water

Once established, many California native plants need minimal irrigation beyond normal rainfall.  Saving water conserves a vital, limited resource and saves money, too!

Credit Kathy Kramer.
Credit Kathy Kramer.

Research shows that native wildlife clearly prefers native plants.

Lower Maintenance

While no landscape is maintenance free, California native plants require significantly less time and resources than common non-native garden plants.  California native plants do best with some attention and care in a garden setting, but you can look forward to using less water, little to no fertilizer, little to no pesticides, less pruning, and less of your time.

Pesticide Freedom

Native plants have developed their own defenses against many pests and diseases.  Since most pesticides kill indiscriminately, beneficial insects become secondary targets in the fight against pests.  Reducing or eliminating pesticide use lets natural pest control take over and keeps garden toxins out of our creeks and watersheds.

Wildlife Viewing

Native plants, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects are “made for each other.”  Research shows that native wildlife clearly prefers native plants.  California’s wealth of insect pollinators can improve fruit set in your garden, while a variety of native insects and birds will help keep your landscape free of mosquitoes and plant-eating bugs.

Buckeye sutterly on buckwheat. Credit Stephen Rosenthal.
Buckeye sutterly on buckwheat. Credit Stephen Rosenthal.

Support Local Ecology

As development replaces natural habitats, planting gardens, parks, and roadsides with California native plants can help provide an important “bridge” to nearby remaining wildlands.  Recommend native plants to homeowner associations, neighbors, and civic departments. Get involved in your community and with local land-use planning processes to help preserve our California native plants and wildlife.

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