Are you thinking SPRING yet?

You probably should be.  I’ve been thinking about spring, or more accurately called:  next year’s flower season.

Clematis lasiantha - Chapparal Clematis; All rights reserved by
Clematis lasiantha – Chapparal Clematis; All rights reserved by

I use photos a lot to help me think about how plants look throughout the seasons and it helps me to sort and re-sort them by season, or ecosystem, colors, sun/shade requirements, etc… which is why I really like using flickr.  it helps me think about the possibilities for combinations that I might not have seen yet.  I just put this set together of spring blooms which might be of interest to some of you:


I wish that we had a louder bullhorn to tell folks that NOW is the time to plant natives of all kinds.  It’s so much more practical to plant now, than to wait until march when you have to jump through hoops (and spend lots more $$) to get things to survive.  Some plants which are really important to plant now are: wooly blue curls, flannelbush, most manzanitas, some ceanothus, goldenbushes, most sages, and almost any large specimen plants.

I’m really looking forward to experimenting with quite a few new plants for next year – perennials, flowering shrubs as well as some really cool annuals. Some of the new ones I’m working with are:


chapparal pea

golden fleece

austin griffiths manzanita

winterglow manzanita

morro manzanita

hoover manzanita

this really nice coastal hairgrass

Thurber’s Reedgrass

Happy planting season! (Thanksgiving too)

Pete Veilleux
East Bay Wilds

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