CNPS Expert Horticulture Committee

Bringing California’s experts to you

Photo: Charlotte Torgovitsky, Bob and Mieko Watkins.

Native plant gardening is both art and science. As we learn more as individual gardeners and as a Society, we’re coming together to bring the latest perspectives and information to you. The CNPS Expert Horticulture Committee represents decades of collective native plant horticulture experience and helps to guide CNPS horticulture content and advice.  We invite you to learn more about our experts and join us in our efforts to restore nature one garden at a time!

Tim Becker

Carol Bornstein

Peigi Duvall

Barbara Eisenstein

Mike Evans

David Fross

Alicia Funk

Susan Krzywicki

Bart O’Brien

Greg Rubin

Pete Veilleux

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