David Freeman’s Lomita Garden

CNPS Garden Ambassador:  David Freeman


Garden Location:  Front and back yard
Garden Size:  4,000 square feet
Year Planted:  January 31, 2012


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I wanted to recreate the southern California fields from my childhood.  When the South Bay becomes another overcrowded Santa Monica, my 1930s beach bungalow will be an oasis among the concrete developments.

A native Californian, David has a strong appreciation for our coastal sage scrub plant community.  When David started his California native plant garden six years ago, he was looking for more than a drought tolerant and easy maintenance landscape.  David wanted to also restore the beauty of the open fields of Torrance that he enjoyed as a boy.

With a large, 6,000 square foot property, David set out to create a Coastal Sage Scrub meadow.  Except for three fruit trees, he has dedicated his whole yard to California native plants.  The Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy has provided David the advice and proper plants needed to accomplish his goals, and he now has about 25 different species growing.  With time, he hopes his property will grow into a small Coastal Sage Scrub reserve.

David’s brings him year-round enjoyment.  He looks forward to the flowers and greenery that burst forth in the spring, while the summer offers him a chance to care for his garden by trimming and preparing for the fall planting time.  Taking advantage of the winter rains, David finishes up his new plantings, and then watches his garden grow into the next spring, all the while enjoying the buzzing wildlife!

David’s favorite California native plants

About the garden

Garden Location:  Front and back yard.

Garden Size:  4,000 square feet

Year Planted:  January 31, 2012

Lawn Removal:  I let the lawn die.

Design and Installation:  I planted various native species, randomly, throughout the yard at three foot intervals.  The plan includes having the California annuals become the new “weeds” of the yard.

Style Inspiration: The goal is to create a natural, wild Coastal Sage Scrub meadow.

Go-to Native Plant Nurseries:  Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

Irrigation:  Overhead sprinkler system and hand watering.

Maintenance:  I maintain it as needed.

Wildlife Spotted:  California blue butterfly, monarch butterflies, and various other butterflies.  Also birds, California native bee species, honey bees, praying mantis, wasps, spiders, flies, ants, various other insects, and lizards.

Favorite Element:  The blooming of our state flower, the California Poppy (Coastal and Inland).

Biggest Challenge:  Weeds, weeds, weeds!

Advice: Patience, hard-work, and persistence.

California native plants in David’s garden



Climbing Plants


Other Plants


CNPS Horticulture Team


  1. Hey David! Who knew I would find you here? I’m trying to learn more about native California plants and use them in my yards. Go Titans!

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