Strike a #PlantPose Instagram Contest

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In the Kids’ Corner of our current Flora magazine, we gave you fun activities to try with young botanists. What’s more fun than observing native plants? Being a native plant! We invite everyone to strike a #PlantPose and show us how California native plants look, move, or make you feel.

Instagram Contest

Share your photo on Instagram by Monday, October 22 for a chance to be featured in Flora magazine and win a free year of CNPS membership. To be eligible for a prize:

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Share your photo on your feed (not just your story), and tag @californianativeplantsociety in the photo
  3. Use the hashtag #PlantPose in the caption
    If your account is private, send us a DM on Instagram so we can be sure to see your photos!

We’ll choose one grand prize winner. Membership includes CNPS Publications Flora and Fremontia, access to fun activities, plant sale, and nursery discounts.

Share with friends who should enter or should strike a #PlantPose with you. We’re excited to share your photos with the native plant online community!

Photos must be taken in California (or the California Floristic Province) and feature plants native to the state. You can use to help find out if the plants are native. By entering, you are agreeing to the following:
Photographers will maintain copyright of their work, however, CNPS reserves the right to use photo entries for publicity and advertising. Photographers entering the contest relinquish any right to royalties from CNPS or any form of reimbursement other than contest awards. CNPS cannot guarantee the quality or appearance of your photo on digital media or in print. Photographer credit will be given whenever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.


Elizabeth and her mom, Maki, strike a self-timed #PlantPose in the Sierra Nevada. Photo: Elizabeth Kubey

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