Show native plants love with the #CNPSArtChallenge

This Valentine’s day we’re launching the #CNPSArtChallenge to show our love of native plants.

All ages and skills are welcome. Your goal is to make one native plant-inspired art piece every day for two weeks. We want you to have fun and experiment. There is no right or wrong way to make art. Sometimes it’s about capturing what you see, but sometimes it’s about how these plants make you feel! We’ll share prompts written in collaboration with artist Lelsey Goren from Kids’ Corner every couple of days.

Up for the challenge? Share this pledge on your Instagram story. Write in your name and tag @californianativeplantsociety. We’ll share #CNPSArtChallenge posts throughout the two weeks. Our favorites will be in the Summer 2020 Flora Magazine!







Instagram Contest

Share your art on Instagram by March 1 for a chance to be featured in Flora magazine. To be eligible:

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Share your art on your feed (not just your story), and tag @californianativeplantsociety in the photo
  3. Use the hashtag #CNPSArtChallenge in the caption
    If your account is private, send us a DM on Instagram so we can be sure to see your photos!

Share with friends who should enter the #CNPSArtChallenge with you. We’re excited to share your art with the native plant online community!

Images must be inspired by native plants of the California Floristic Province. You can use to help find out if the plants are native. By entering, you are agreeing to the following:
Artists will maintain copyright of their work, however, CNPS reserves the right to use photo entries for publicity and advertising. Artists entering the contest relinquish any right to royalties from CNPS or any form of reimbursement other than contest awards. CNPS cannot guarantee the quality or appearance of your photo on digital media or in print. Artist credit will be given whenever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

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