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Why become a Fire Follower?
California experienced the largest fire season in 2020, and 2021 was significant as well. Severe wildfires, sparked by human actions, can cause considerable harm. But fire is also a natural component of California’s ecosystem. We can learn about the positive impacts of fires to California’s ecosystems and native plants together. Fire often awakens sleeping seeds, and a light blanket of ash can nurture fresh growth. Plants dependent on fire are an important part of California's natural diversity. It is critical to change the conversation and perspective around California’s wildfires. The California Fire Followers campaign seeks to record the response of plants in areas burned in 2020 and 2021. Together, we can collect data via iNaturalist and compare plants observed pre- and post-fire, increase understanding of California's biodiversity and collect valuable information to aid future conservation efforts.
How to get involved

Find Plants

Fire Followers can visit burned sites in California and collect plant data via iNaturalist. Check our burn areas page to see what sites are open. Download the iNaturalist app and join our project. Once you’ve joined, your observations in burn areas will be automatically uploaded to the project. You can join on our project page and see all the burn areas on our project map. 

Join & Observe 2020 Fires
Join & Observe 2021 Fires

ID Plants

Help identify plant observations in our iNaturalist project.
Even if you do not live near a burned area or are unable to access these sites, you can visit our iNaturalist project and help identify plants. Be sure to make comments and identifications to help aid others on their observations!

2020 ID Observations
2021 ID Observations

Spread the Word

You can help spread the word about our project with people in your community! Share the Fire Followers campaign with others on your social media account. You can include:

Use the hashtag #FireFollowers on your posts!

Adding observations on iNaturalist

Adding an Observation with your Phone

Adding an Observation on the Web

Getting the most out of computer-aided ID

Triplet Lilies, Ookows and Blue Dicks: Tips for Identifying Brodiaeoideae

Clovers of California

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