Burn Areas

Fire poppy (Papaver californicum). Photo: Maisie Borg, iNaturalist (CC BY-NC)

Places to Go, Plants to Find!

A burned landscape presents a number of safety hazards. Be very aware of your surroundings, follow warning signs, area closures and directions from agency personnel, and pay particular attention to these potential safety hazards.

Know Before You Go
Burn areas can be hazardous. Please read through our Know Before You Go page before you venture out!
Know Before You Go
Open Burn Areas*

This curated list of burn areas include sites and places that have recently been opened to the public. Before you venture out, please read through our Know Before You Go page and be prepared for the unique circumstances, and possible hazards, of the site you intend to visit. 

*We cannot guarantee or verify if a burn area listed is indeed open. This information may become out of date as parks and land managers change the status. Please be sure to check the status on the respective website of the burn area, provided in the corresponding buttons below, to make sure the site is open.

2020 Fire Perimeters
2021 Fire Perimeters
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