Burn Areas

Fire poppy (Papaver californicum). Photo: Maisie Borg, iNaturalist (CC BY-NC)

Places to Go, Plants to Find!

A burned landscape presents a number of safety hazards. Be very aware of your surroundings, follow warning signs, area closures and directions from agency personnel, and pay particular attention to these potential safety hazards.

Know Before You Go
Burn areas can be hazardous. Please read through our Know Before You Go page before you venture out!
Know Before You Go

Current Hotspots:
Blazing with wildflowers

Henderson’s shooting star (Primula hendersonii). Photo: © Dianne Lake, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC)

Whispering bells (Emmenanthe penduliflora). Photo: Krissa Klein, some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC)

[where] SCU Lightning Complex Burn Perimeter at Round Valley Regional Preserve

Mines Road to Junction to San Antonio Road to Mt. Hamilton Road, Del Pueblo Canyon and Highway 30

[what] Henderson Shooting Star found throughout the San Antonio Road near Lick Observatory 

[who] In collaboration with Save Mount Diablo: Bioblitz from April 17th – May 1st. Join the project here and upload your observations

[where] Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

[what] Whispering bells blooming on Bald Mountain Trail

[who] In collaboration with State Parks, Sonoma Ecology Center is working to map and update the list of post-fire plants of Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Help find and document fire followers, invasive plants, mosses and other plants around the park. 

Contact Dan Levitis for sites to photo-document plants using iNaturalist! 

Open Burn Areas*

This curated list of burn areas include sites and places that have recently been opened to the public. Before you venture out, please read through our Know Before You Go page and be prepared for the unique circumstances, and possible hazards, of the site you intend to visit. 

*We cannot guarantee or verify if a burn area listed below is indeed open. This information may become out of date as parks and land managers change the status. While we do our best to maintain this list, you must check the status on the respective website of the burn area, provided in the corresponding buttons below, to make sure the site is open. 

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Sonoma & Napa Counties
2605 Adobe Canyon Rd, Kenwood, CA 95452

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Photo: Diogenes lantern © Dan and Raymond, iNaturalist CC

Annandel State Park

Sonoma County
6201 Channel Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

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Photo: Checker lily © Nido Paras, iNaturalist CC

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

 Trinity, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama, Modoc and Humboldt Counties

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Photo: Red larkspur © jeweliha, iNaturalist CC

Klamath National Forest

Siskiyou County
Near Redding, California

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Photo: © emackinnon, iNaturalist CC

Chino Hills State Park

San Bernardino County
4721 Sapphire Rd, Chino Hills, CA 91709

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Photo: California bluebells © hasankhan, iNaturalist CC

Los Padres National Forest

Los Angeles County
Near Castaic, California

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Photo: Purple owls clover © canyonbill, iNaturalist CC

Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

In the Eastern California portion
Off of Highway 395

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Photo: Leichlins mariposa lily © Amelia Ryan, iNaturalist CC

Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

Alameda County
9401 Morgan Territory Rd, Livermore, CA 9455

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Photo: Phacelia suaveolens © Glen Ellen and Jennifer Chandler, iNaturalist CC

Round Valley Regional Preserve

Contra Costa County
19450 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513

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Photo: Henderson shooting star © Morgan Stickrod, iNaturalist, Creative Commons

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