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California's biodiversity is forged in fire.
Help us capture this fleeting phenomenon.
With your help, we can compare plants seen before and after fires, increase understanding of fire followers, and provide crucial information on species of concern to aid in recovery and conservation efforts.
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A glorious fire poppy (Papaver californicum), an emblematic fire follower.
Photo: Mike Palladini / Land Trust of Napa County

ID Challenge

Winter holidays center around family and bring light to the darkness that’s more present with our shortening days. As the year comes to a close, we invite you all to our last ID challenge of the year. Our challenge this time will extend for the next 5 weeks and will focus on a different plant family every weekend (categories and dates below)! Join us every weekend from here till the last weekend of December in order for a chance to win some Fire Followers Merch! The top identifier of every spotlight weekend will be rewarded.

December 10-12: Boraginaceae
December 17-19: Fagaceae
December 24-26: Onagraceae
How to be a Fire Follower

Know before you go
Burn areas can be hazardous. Read through our 3 Know Before You Go guidelines before heading out.

Visit open sites safely
Once you’ve determined a safe and open burn area, you’re ready to adventure! Be sure you’re prepared with these tips and tricks.

Take a picture
Take a picture of what you find. Be sure to note the location of the plant.

Share your observations through our iNaturalist project

Can't make it out to the field? There are many other ways to get involved.
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Project Goals

Observations of plants in California burn areas


Fire followers (the human variety) participating in the project

Fire Literacy

Revive and share a language that reflects the richness of California’s relationship with fire


Make 250 plant observations for the Fire Followers iNaturalist project and receive this custom sticker and the Fire Followers lapel pin!

Lapel Pin

Make 250 plant observations for the Fire Followers iNaturalist project and receive this lapel pin and the Fire Followers sticker!


Make 500 plant observations on the California Fire Followers iNaturalist project and receive this t-shirt!

Reach 250 or 500 plant observations? Contact us to get your prizes!
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