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A Few Native California Oak Mysteries! A talk by Al Keuter

Los Altos Public Library 13 S San Antonio Rd, Los Altos, CA, United States

Of the approximately 600 species of oaks worldwide, roughly 21 are native to California, and organized into three groups: the red oaks (sometimes called black oaks), the golden oaks (or intermediate oaks), and the white oaks. This talk will focus on understanding the recent historical identities of the surviving Santa Clara County oaks. Besides learning […]

Restoring the Dos Rios State Park Floodplain


Collage photo of Dos Rios, the newest state park in the San Joaquin Valley; photos from California State Parks. Dos Rios Ranch Preserve is California’s Largest Floodplain Restoration Project. Group hike at Dos Rios Ranch Preserve; North San Joaquin Valley chapter. Photo: Donna Brooks Ten years and $40 million from eleven different funding sources converge […]

Indigenous Peoples’ Use of California Native Plants


Top two images: Great Valley Museum; Bottom three images: Denise Godbout-Avant. Join us to learn how the original people of California used native plants in their everyday lives! The Indigenous people of California lived here for thousands of years, during which time they made the most of what California’s various habitats offered them. In the […]