Student Research Grant Recipients 2024

Photo: David Magneyek

Supporting students

Each year, CNPS awards grants to student researchers focused on California native plants. Supporting research, especially that of students, is crucial to the mission of CNPS. Learn about this year’s recipients below who are contributing to the understanding and conservation of our native flora! CNPS is proud to present this year’s grant recipients, and we wish to thank the generous donors who’ve made these grants possible.

Recipients 2024

Aidan Harrington

Research Focus: The contribution of polyploidy to geographic range shifts

Andrea Romero

Research Focus: Elucidating Mechanistic Links Between Community Diversity and Coevolutionary Dynamics of Host-Parasite Interactions

Cameron Jones

Research Focus: Species Boundaries of the Rare Menzies’ wallflower (Brassicaceae: Erysimum menziesii), an Endemic of the Northern California Coast

Chi Wei

Research Focus: Using Aerial Vegetation Indices to Enhance Acorn Crop Estimates in Analyses of California Oak Phenology Patterns

Danielle Parsons

Research Focus: Strengthening Drought Stress Resilience of CSS Natives to Improve Restoration Success

Garrett Goodrich

Research Focus: Flora of the Jennie Lakes Wilderness, Boulder Creek Watershed, and Evans Grove Complex, Fresno and Tulare Counties, CA

Ian Cook

Research Focus: Combining mechanical pre-treatments and prescribed fire to increase mortality of encroaching Baccharis pilularis (coyote brush) in California’s coastal prairies

Katherine Brafford

Research Focus: Fire resilience of young California native perennial grasses

Martin Genova

Research Focus: Investigating the Influence of Repeated Seedings and Seeding Rate on Post-Fire Restoration Success in Sagebrush Steppe

Matthew Yamamoto

Research Focus: A flora of the McGee Creek watershed, Mono County, California

Phoebe LaMountain

Research Focus: Effect of serpentine soils on drought tolerance and morphology in native serpentine plants

Rachel Tageant

Research Focus: A Floristic Inventory of the Owens River Headwater Area, Mono County, CA

Sage Ellis

Research Focus: Quantifying the status and long-term demographic trends of a Lake Tahoe alpine endemic, Draba asterophora

Samantha Kish-Levine

Research Focus: Genetic divergence and host use of Pedicularis densiflora and Pedicularis aurantiaca around the Central Valley of California

Sophia Reyes

Research Focus: The Mutsun Garden Pollinator Education Project

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