Student Research Grant Recipients 2023

Photo: David Magneyek

Supporting students

Each year, CNPS awards grants to student researchers focused on California native plants. Supporting research, especially that of students, is crucial to the mission of CNPS. Learn about this year’s recipients below who are contributing to the understanding and conservation of our native flora! CNPS is proud to present this year’s grant recipients, and we wish to thank the generous donors who’ve made these grants possible.

Recipients 2023

Aidan Harrington

The role of pollinators in neopolyploid reproductive isolation

Allison Autry

Understanding the Unusual Disjunction of a Rare Southern Californian Orchid

Andrea Nebhut

Serpentine grassland invasion across climate gradients

Ash Gill

Investigating cryptic diversity in California pinefoot

Ashley Dickinson

Assessment of the genetic population structure and rate of clonality in a rare serpentine endemic, Lathyrus biflorus, using ddRADseq

Courtney Matzke

Vascular Floristic Inventory of the Piute Mountains

Emily Dewald-Wang

Coast redwood-associated fungal and bacterial communities along gradients in fog and fire

Grace Horne

Natural history collections for backcasting plant-insect interactions in a changing world

Kimberly Schaefer

A Vascular Flora of the Sacatar Trail Wilderness

Laurel Sebastian

Tracking tradeoffs and synergies: Carbon sequestration across four grassland restoration designs

Laurel Thomas

Investigating Local Adaptation and Plasticity of Heteromeles arbutifolia using a Common Garden Approach

Mahima Dixit

Phylogeny and Taxonomy of the Eriogonum deflexum Complex (Polygonaceae)

Peri Lee Pipkin

A tale of two Chloropyrons: Conservation and management implications for the rare Chloropyron tecopense (Orobanchaceae)

Rachel Friesen

Climate Change and Plant Community Turnover in Yosemite National Park

Rachel Tageant

A Floristic Inventory of the Owens River Headwater Wilderness in Inyo National Forest

Selena Vengco

Maintenance of Flower Color Polymorphisms in Non- Model System of Erythranthe discolor (Phrymaceae)

Yuxin Wei

The Systematics and Biogeography of Frasera (Gentianaceae) in North America

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