Student Research Grant Recipients

Photo: David Magneyek

Supporting students

Each year, CNPS awards grants to student researchers focused on California native plants. Supporting research, especially that of students, is crucial to the mission of CNPS. Learn about this year’s 15 recipients below who are contributing to the understanding and conservation of our native flora! CNPS is proud to present this year’s grant recipients, and we wish to thank the generous donors who’ve made these grants possible.

Recipients 2021-22

Annalise Taylor

Comparing the impacts of long term fire management on the abundance and cover of Amah Mutsun cultural plants and three invasive grass species on three adjacent coastal grasslands in Central California

Annie Meeder

Analysis of Alternative Post-Eradication Transitions and Dynamics of Santa Cruz Island Vegetation Communities

Arthur Pontes-Prates

Precision grazing to control medusahead and promote native grasses

Brooke Kern

Which phenotypic traits most strongly influence the magnitude of hybridization between Clarkia xantiana subspecies?

Caitlyn Allchin

Assessing relocation habitats and assisted migration of the Lassics lupine, an endangered California serpentine-endemic

Christopher Cosma

Beyond the yucca moth: The scale, importance, and vulnerability of moth pollination in Southern California

Emily Sheydayi

A Floristic Analysis of the Vascular Plants in the Sutter Buttes, California

Joanna Tang

Improving vernal pool restoration through ecotypic variation analysis

Kimberly Schaefer

A Vascular Flora of the Sacatar Trail Wilderness

Megan Teigen

Bacterial communities facilitating prey item breakdown in the carnivorous plant Darlingtonia californica

Rachel Friesen

Climate Change and Plant Community Turnover in Yosemite National Park

Raphaela E. Floreani Buzbee

Coastal plant community composition shifts in response to tule elk herbivory

Rhea Amatya

Assessing passive vegetation recovery on Santa Cruz Island with undergraduate-led collaborative science

Selena Vengco

Floral Evolution and the Maintenance of Flower Color Polymorphisms in Non- Model System of Erythranthe discolor (Phrymaceae)

Tamsen Dunn

Study of a Novel Sierra Nevada Boechera (Brassicaceae)

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