Student Research Grant Recipients

Martin Purdy at Baker Creek

Supporting students

Each year, CNPS awards grants to student researchers focused on California native plants. We received a record number of applicants this year and were grateful to be able to increase the number of grants we could offer with additional funding from CNPS. Supporting research, especially that of students, is crucial to the mission of CNPS. Learn about this year’s 16 recipients below who are contributing to the understanding and conservation of our native flora! CNPS is proud to present this year’s grant recipients, and we wish to thank the generous donors who’ve made these grants possible.

Recipients 2020-21

Stephanie Calloway

Recruitment limitations of the rare northern island mallow on Anacapa Island

Brook Constantz

Long-Term Monitoring of Restored Forests along the Sacramento River, California to Evaluate the Presence of a Novel Ecosystem

Nevin Cullen

Does nickel hyperaccumulation drive differentiation in the Streptanthus floral microbiome?

Daniel Donovan

Vascular Flora of the Pleasants Peak Area of the Santa Ana Mountains, California

Tamsen Dunn

Study of a Novel Sierra Nevada Boechera (Brassicaceae)

Raphaela Floreani Buzbee

California coastal prairies and climate change: species distributions, climate analogs, local adaptation, and improving models of climate refugia for conservation

Rachel Friesen

Climate Change and Plant Community Turnover in Yosemite National Park

Emma Fryer

Getting the Dirt on California's Superblooms: Native Annual Plant Community Assembly in the San Joaquin Desert

Nina House

A Vascular Flora of the Manter and Salmon Creek Watersheds in the Southern Sierra Nevada, Tulare County, California

Reed Kenny

Systmatics and Taxonomy of Juncus in California

Keir Morse

Systematics and conservation of the genus Malacothamnus (Malvaceae)

Sarah Norvell

Macrolichen Inventory of Horse Mountain Botanical Area, Six Rivers National Forest

Rachel Pausch

Factors influencing vegetation cover at a recently restored salt marsh

Martin Purdy

Flora of Coyote Ridge and Coyote Flat, Inyo County, California

Sophia Winitsky

Marina parryi: A deeper look into a Sonoran species complex

Annie Zell

The Potential Reproductive Barriers Maintaining a Newly Described Species: Erythranthe serpentinicola

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