Botanist Certification Exam & Payment Policy

Pre-registration is required before the stated registration deadline for Botanist Certification Exam. The exam is limited to the stated participant capacity, and registration may close before the registration deadline if the maximum capacity is reached. Please note, CNPS is unable to hold or reserve spots in the exam until payment has been received in full.

Registration will open online for each exam as soon as CNPS has enough information to do so. We are not able to accept sign ups before online registration has opened for a particular exam to hold spots.

The fastest and easiest way to sign up for a CNPS exam is to use the secure online registration system, which allows you to pay by credit card, and confirms your spot in the exam instantly.

If your employer is covering your exam registration fee, a supervisor or other purchaser may register you online using a company credit card, CAL-Card, etc., and the registration will still be correctly recorded under your name as the attendee, even if the cardholder name is different.

If your employer is covering your registration fee, we understand that it can often take some time to get exams approved and payment made. Starting early increases the likelihood of CNPS receiving your registration fee payment to hold your spot in an exam before it reaches capacity, or before the registration deadline passes, so that you can attend.

Please note, exam registrations cannot be shared or split between multiple individuals. Each payment covers one individual, for either the Field Botanist exams or the Consulting Botanist exams.
We do allow those that have failed one or more exams previously to retake the exam(s) they failed for a reduced cost.

Please contact us at with any questions about this policy.

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