Botanist Certification Exam Participant Expectations

Botanist Certification Exam Participant Expectations

All Botanist Certification Exam attendees are expected to be respectful of fellow participants and the facilities hosting the exams.  By registering for a Botanist Certification Exam, you agree to:

  1. Maintain silence during all exams, except when prompted by an exam proctor
  2. Turn off all electronic devices (turn them into the exam proctor or leave them in your vehicle)
  3. Be respectful of others taking the exams.  Do not share your answers, or you will be asked to leave immediately
  4. Bring your own copy of the Jepson Manual, 2nd Edition.
  5. Bring a 10 X hand lens, or higher magnification
  6. Bring a light source, such as a headlamp, to ensure you have sufficient light to observe obscure parts of the plants provided in the exams
  7. Bring your own lunch

Only those who have registered and paid for the exam are allowed to participate, out of fairness to paying participants as well as for liability reasons.  Please do not bring along any friends, family, coworkers, or other guests who are not registered.

Please note, pets are not allowed.

Thanks for your help in fostering a conducive environment for the examinations.

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