Program Goals and Objectives

California Consulting Botanist Certification


Goals and Function

  • Certify only well-trained, competent, responsible, and ethical professionals.
  • Establish widely accepted standards of proficiency and professionalism that guide the training, development, and performance of botanists and their products.
  • Facilitate relevant professional training.
  • Maintain and promote courses and training in academic, field oriented, and reporting arenas.
  • Require routine recertification to ensure botanists stay up-to-date with current scientific practices and regulatory requirements.


  • Serve the needs of botanists who wish to establish and validate their professional credentials.
  • Guide biologists, governmental entities, regulatory agencies, courts, and the public in defining minimum standards of knowledge and ability for professional botanists.
  • Establish a critical peer evaluation of a botanist’s knowledge and skills based upon defined minimum technical skills and knowledge.
  • Encourage all practicing botanists to meet established professional standards.
  • Assist the public, regulators, and project proponents in identifying qualified professional botanists.
  • Create and maintain confidence in the advice and opinions of Certified Botanists, as well as educated and experienced professionals, who have pledged to uphold the Botanist Code of Ethics.

Certification Benefits

  • Recognized on the Register of California certified botanists
  • Hold a Certificate as a Certified Field or Consulting Botanist
  • Receive a Certification number and relevant acronym for business cards and (email) signatures
  • Annual California Professional Botanist newsletter