Great News!

Oak & rainbow by Jeff Bisbee

It may seem like good news has been getting harder and harder to find these days, but CNPS has been fortunate to report some very good news recently. Take a peek at some of the news we have to share within the conservation realm:



  • Los Angeles Superior Court judge sends Agoura Hills development plan back for full environmental review.
  • Dudleya poachers have been convicted, and CNPS Chapters are working with agencies to help restore recovered plants to their habitats.
  • 21 Acres of Sign Hill in South San Francisco have been permanently preserved as open space to be known as “Liberty Park“, thanks to a generous donation provided by Cheryl and Ross Liberty, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, and City of South San Francisco. This victory is celebrated longstanding advocates of this preservation including San Bruno Mountain Watch, Friends of Sign Hill, and CNPS members Chuck Heimstadt and Loretta Brooks, who perform upkeep on the native plant garden they installed adjacent to the parking lot, and have helped maintain the Sign Hill Ridge Trail for many years.

Thanks to all our volunteers and members who help propel these conservation victories, big and small. You’re the heart of our organization, and and we couldn’t do our work without you. Thank you for helping us preserve wild California, one victory at a time.

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