3 Ways to Support Native Plant Diversity Today

Joshua tree park under a starry night, in Mojave Desert, California
Joshua tree park under a starry night, in Mojave Desert, California

By Liv O’Keeffe and Nick Jensen

As we approach the summer season, several crucial developments are affecting California’s native plants and habitats. We invite you to review the important actions and opportunities outlined below. Thank you for your attention and commitment to conserving California’s rich biodiversity!

1. Help CNPS defend State of California funding for conservation and biodiversity

CNPS continues to be a strong advocate for California’s goal to conserve 30% of our lands and coastal waters by 2030 (30×30). We do this because 30×30 is a science-based, unprecedented initiative to protect nature at a large scale, including our amazing California native plants and, ultimately, ourselves. California has been a worldwide leader, but our strong momentum is now at risk.

The Governor’s revised budget proposal cuts nearly half a billion dollars of nature-based climate solution funding, with the biggest reduction from the proposal to end General Fund support for the Habitat Conservation Fund this year.

Last week, the CA Senate and Assembly released their final budget agreement, which would cut an estimated $1.3 billion in funding for nature and 30×30. The State’s 30×30 goal of protecting 6 million acres by 2030 depends on sustained conservation and stewardship funding. The biggest cuts, if approved in a final budget with the Governor, would be more than half a billion cut from the Wildlife Conservation Board, more than $355 million cut from the State Coastal Conservancy, $228 million cut from the Department of Water Resources, and nearly $100 million cut from state parks. All of these have direct impact on the ability to conserve and properly manage native plants habitat statewide. Current estimates show that maintaining the state’s positive momentum toward 30×30 will require immediate budget action and a climate bond for future years. Legislators need to hear that this matters to you before the budget is finalized next week. Please call them today with the following suggested messages:

I strongly oppose the more than half a billion dollars in cuts to the Wildlife Conservation Board. Instead, I support the Administration’s proposal to use Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund money for the WCB to sustain our momentum toward 30×30.

The Legislature needs to pass a climate bond now. We are facing growing climate threats, and the need is great. We will need a stable and ongoing funding source to meet our 30×30 and climate goals. A climate bond is our only hope to meet those goals with austere budget years anticipated ahead. 

To learn more about why we are suggesting these specific messages, please see this update from the Power in Nature coalition (of which CNPS is a member) and this climate bond letter, which details what CNPS and nearly 180 other organizations hope to see in the bond.

Find Your Legislators

2. Attend a timely webinar on the state of California’s plant and animal diversity

Tuesday, June 11

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an incredible panel of experts and leaders on California’s biodiversity loss and ways to help.  Register now for this free webinar, hosted by Defenders of Wildlife and sponsored by CNPS. 

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3. Support California national monument campaigns

On the heels of exciting national monument expansions for Berryessa Snow Mountain and San Gabriel Mountains national monuments, CNPS is partnering with dozens of other organizations and Tribes across the state to advance three additional national monument campaigns. If we succeed, we will permanently protect more than 1 million acres in California, giving hundreds of imperiled native plant species a better chance of survival. Momentum is strong. Show your support today by learning about these places and signing the following petitions:

Protect Chuckwalla National Monument

Protect Chuckwalla National Monument

Protect Kw’tsán National Monument

Protect Kw’tsán National Monument

Protect Sáttítla Medicine Lake Highlands

Protect Sáttítla Medicine Lake Highlands

Thank you for your consideration and all you do to protect and celebrate California native plants and habitats!

Nick Jensen is the CNPS Conservation Program Director.

Liv O’Keeffe is the CNPS Senior Director of Public Affairs.


  1. Thanks for your work to protect these special and important lands. I have submitted my support for the CNPS conservation campaign efforts.

  2. I support and encourage the naming of these new national monuments. These efforts will help us in the California 30 x 30 campaign, which is beyond important everyone on the planet.
    Please support these campaigns!

  3. Please conserve more land to preserve wildlife and native plants. So much has been lost to development.

    Thank you,
    Jeanie Scott

  4. Hello, As always thank you for your timely updates and for composing these important and articulate petitions.

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