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Enjoy new 360 virtual tours of native gardens everyday of Native Plant Week! Visit real-world botanic gardens, parks and wildlands to experience native plants firsthand

Discover native plants in 360°
Each day of California Native Plant Week, we will unveiled a 360° native plant experience. From home gardens to apartments, city parks to wildlands, these 360° tours will share the many ways that you can grow CAre with native plants. See all fourteen tours below!
Hyperlocal Gardening with Native Plants

Explore two native gardens that create refuge for hyperlocal native plants and the wildlife that depend on them. Inspired by the site-native coast live oaks of his Highland Park sanctuary, Bruce Schwartz has spent two decades restoring his landscape with locally-sourced, seed-grown plants that once thrived alongside these ancient trees. Ann Dalkey’s Redondo Beach garden is a coastal sage scrub paradise that demonstrates the beauty of site-native plants. 

Special thanks to the Theodore Payne Foundation for their partnership in featuring Bruce Schwartz’s garden.

Habitat Gardening with Native Plants

Explore Stefanie Pruegel’s urban habitat, an oasis for local wildlife created by native plants. Stefanie began transforming her San Leandro yard, replete with water-needy lawn and traditional ornamental plants like roses, about three years ago. She now shares her gorgeous garden with butterflies, birds, native bees and a host of other wildlife. 

Nature Gardening with Native Plants

Explore two native gardens that reflect local landscapes beloved by their gardeners. Entering Gabi and Cliff McLean’s garden is like hiking into the San Gabriel Mountains that tower behind their Covina home. Their passion for the local flora, garnered from years of forays into these mountains, has been literally transplanted in their garden. Melanie Cross’s sublime Palo Alto garden is a testament to the beauty and tranquility of a site-inspired native garden. Majestic valley oaks anchor a captivating woodland landscape.

Conscious Gardening with Native Plants

Explore two native gardens that thoughtfully and beautifully address contemporary issues. Naomi Fraga works tirelessly for native plants as the Director of Conservation Programs at California Botanic Garden; and her garden does too! Her native garden requires virtually no irrigation and only periodic maintenance, so she can steward major conservation issues and still cultivate a gorgeous, socially-conscious garden. Jan Zimmerman’s fledgling native garden, beautifully designed by Carol Aronson, sprouted from a desire to provide habitat for pollinators, reduce water use and minimize maintenance. 

Botanic Gardens dedicated to Native Plants

California Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and Tilden’s Regional Parks Botanic Garden are three superlative botanic gardens dedicated entirely to California native plants. These exquisite gardens showcase a wealth of native species and their Living Collections aid in crucial conservation efforts. Explore Regional Parks Botanic Garden in 360° and start planning your adventure to these botanical treasures!

Educational Gardening with Native Plants

Over sixteen years at Elizabeth Learning Center in South Los Angeles, George Nanoski has cultivated a diverse array of habitat gardens that flourish with student and community support. Generations of students have studied and tended these vibrant gardens. George’s biology curriculum centers around the endangered vernal pool habitat he has amazingly recreated. Countless students, teachers and school neighbors have heartfelt connections to these gardens, cultivated habitats that foster both wildlife and human communities.

“Indigenizing” Gardening with Native Plants

Craig Torres is a Tongva cultural educator and artist, connecting communities to Tongva history, culture and contemporary issues. He is an advocate of “inidgenizing” public and residential landscapes. His Santa Ana garden is alive with plant relatives that, as Craig puts forward, “have enabled my people to live here for thousands of generations.” White sage, California mugwort and California sagebrush are just some of the sacred and medicinal plants that Craig cultivates.

Urban Gardening with Native Plants

Explore three native gardens, flourishing in the hearts of major California cities, that blur the line between urban and wild.  Phil Davis’s backyard overlooks downtown Los Angeles. But while the view is a vision in concrete, his veranda garden is a wild landscape in miniature, a blossoming chaparral of earthly aromas and endless flowers. Robert Hall’s backyard garden in downtown San Francisco defies all urban odds as a native plant paradise, a tranquil refuge that seamlessly blends outdoor living with beautiful habitat plantings. Native plants are blossoming on San Francisco’s Sunset Boulevard! The Santiago-Taraval @ 36th is a pilot block of plantings produced as a collaboration between the CNPS Yerba Buena Chapter, San Francisco Public Works and Climate Action Now!