Working with Nature Guide

Best management for native habitats

California Laurel (Umbellularia californica) on the Saratoga Quarry trail; Image: Susan Hinton

California’s forests, oak woodlands, and other natural lands face immense pressure from the linked stressors of climate change, catastrophic wildfire, and invasive pests and pathogens. California is moving quickly to treat millions of acres of land for wildfire risk reduction and habitat restoration work, but better guidance is needed to protect both people and habitats. Access to the latest science and decades of on-the-ground experience is more necessary than ever, which is why we’re creating the Working with Nature Guide.

The guide will provide multi-benefit, best management practices for native habitats, as well as an interactive location-based tool for localized suggestions and information. We look forward to sharing the guide with you as it evolves.

We Need Your Help

Help us bring the new Working with Nature Guide to policymakers and practitioners. The more we know, the better we can make sound decisions.