Fall Native Planting Season
This fall, bring nature to your doorstep.

Fall is the best time to plant native plants throughout most of California. Here’s what you need to grow native plants unique to your corner of California and transform your garden into a home for wildlife.

Garden like life depends on it” – Doug Tallamy

Buy Native Plants
find plants suited to your region and support the wildlife that call your Naturehood home.
Photographer: Ann Dalkey
Nurseries near you
Find a native plant retailer<br />
in your area

Find a native plant retailer
in your area

Use Calscape.org
Discover the native plants unique to your region, where to buy them, and more with this powerful tool.
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The right plants for your location

Selecting the right native plants for your location is the first and possibly most important step to creating a successful native plant garden. Using Calscape.org, you can:

  • Search by location, plant name, water needs, and more
  • Get detailed plant information and growing tips
  • Create and share your own plant lists
  • Find nurseries near you and check available inventory


The right plant in the right place will set your garden up for success!

Using Calscape is easy!

Create your account

Creating an account will allow you to save plants to your personalized plant list. Start as many lists as you need, and share them with others!

Calscape account
Add plants to your list

Add plants to your lists. Create one or many. You can also download detailed spreadsheets to bring to the nursery.

Plant Search
Find a nursery

Find a nursery near you by using the interactive map tool. Check inventory right from the site to see where you can purchase your plants!


Diving into Calscape.org

Discover the plants of your Naturehood

Ann-Marie Benz, CNPS’s Horticulture Outreach Manager, gives a tour of Calscape.org to help California gardeners find plants native to their area that support wildlife. Recorded during the 2020 Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour.
Download Native Planting Guides
Get a plant list, sample projects, and tips specific to your county or region.
Photographer: Tony Tubbs
Sample garden projects to get you started
Native planting guides

Native planting guides

These regional guides
give you the tools you
need to get started with
your landscape project.
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