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Old 06-17-2004, 12:29 PM
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Default Bear Valley, Colusa??

From: Dick Bagwell
Date: 04/03/03
Time: 08:11 PM

Hello Folks--Is the Bear Valley mentioned in a number of NPA postings the one on CA 4, about 30 miles above Angels Camp? I don't think that's Colusa County; there are other BV's in California. Anyone know the location of the Colusa County one? I'm looking for a good site, relatively short distance from Berkeley a major factor--I only have a couple of days for a quick view and overnight camping. Do you know anything about current conditions there, or could suggest the best time of year. Soon now, I should think. Or perhaps people have other suggestions? Thanks for your help! Dick Bagwell
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Old 06-17-2004, 12:30 PM
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From: Diana Hickson,
Date: 04/04/03
Time: 04:43 PM

The Bear Valley referred to in the previous posts here is the one in Colusa County. From the Bay Area, take 29 north to 53 out of Clear Lake, to northeast on 20, then left on Bear Valley Road (if you get to 16, you've gone too far). Take Bear Valley Road north through the valley itself; it's all private land, but the views are great. To the west (left on Brim Road at the north of the valley)is BLM land (Walker Ridge, with a lot serpentine species). I heard from someone who was there two weeks ago that it was still too early then, although the Fritillaria were in flower. Mid April should be best. In a good year, *this* Bear Valley's wildflower display is spectacular. See or if you have the CNPS/DFG book "Wild Gardens", see page 52.
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